Life Lesson: Avoid Being Hacked


Most people in this world are at risk of being hacked and don’t even know it.  When people create passwords for any electronic account whether it is an email, credit card, or membership based website they usually stick to the same one.  Therefore, if one learns their password for one application they basically have it for everything.  This is critical because if someone wants to gain access to an account and their typical password doesn’t work they can still get into the account.  If they have access to back up account they can change the password to the account they want access to.  Additionally, potential victims aren’t helping themselves when the answers to account recovery questions are things anyone might know or things strangers can get off a social media account.  Friends, to avoid being a victim of this create unique passwords and please don’t use the same password for everything.  Make sure your security questions don’t have super obvious answers.  Lastly, don’t leave password out in open for anyone to see.




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