Month: November 2016

Life Lesson: Thoughts > Reality


Thoughts have greater power than reality.  Most times people scare themselves out of opportunities processing scenarios that never play out.  People worry about failing, whether someone or group of people will like them, are they good enough for a job, etc.  We can do more than we can visualize and imagine at times.  Instead of being hung up on what your present reality is start tuning your thoughts to what you will accomplish in the future.  Flip your thoughts into strength by taking actions.  Reality is where you are, thoughts are where you can be.




People read books, seek guidance, and ask others for their secrets to success in life.  While all those things can help you, the deciding factor in the end is yourself.  No matter how much money and resources a person has at some point they have to act.  This is why there are tons of privileged people with trust funds and millions of dollars that aren’t automatically successful.  Same reason why two people can grow up in same circumstances and opportunities yet have drastically different futures.  You are the cheat code.  You will only go as far as you carry yourself.

Life Lesson: Embrace the BEAST inside


Visualize the moment where you’re in an intense competition and enter a zone where you feel energized and empowered.  You fill ready to conquer a set at the gym.  You want to wage war on someone who doubted you.  Maybe you feel invincible and are ready to take over the world.  The thoughts going through your head are in sync with your body and give your target the death stare.  Every second you glare growing your confident and pulling you more into that zone.  This place and state of mind the cloth champions and warriors are cut from.  The state of intense focus is what you need to tap into to dominate.  Embrace your inner beast and run rampant on the universe.




Sometimes life is like a collapsing football pocket with the time running out.  You rarely have time for the perfect play and more often than not you have to count on instincts to make things.  Sometimes you get to the place where you mind is operating so fast that it starts giving out commands before you can fully comprehend the full picture.  Don’t fight it, roll with it.  This is one of the reason practice and preparation is critical because when your scared or fighting for your life your body automatically goes to what it knows.

Poetry Slam: Angry Scorpio Poetry


In the next few months I will be publishing a collection of 40-50 original short poems  The poems will cover topics of anger, vengeance, love, motivation, and many other emotions people commonly experience from a scorpio stand point.  Below is a link to support the campaign for the book.  It will be originally available as e-book and might eventually be hard cover.

Poetry Slam: Blueprint of Escape


Journey to be great, blueprint of escape.

String along streaks, minimize mistakes.

Measure every beam, keep the tape straight,

Idealize dreams, execute late.

Plan for the best, adjust to the worst,

When hell breaks loose, you are not cursed.

When the world blames you, do not jump course,

Keep showing up, immovable force.

Problems dissolve over time, sun will again shine,

You will conquer, succeed, deliver in crunch time.

Your will a mystery, doubters stay in history,

Enemies chatter, their voices distant memories.

Nervous so you faint, practice til you ain’t,

Journey to be great, blueprint of escape.


Word of Week: Ballad

Increasing one’s vocabulary is a way to expand your mind and articulate your thoughts in new ways.  Below if the word of the week for the week of 11/21/16.

Ballad: noun : [bal-uh d] : A narrative poem that is suitable for singing.

Example:  The first single off Beyonce’s new album will be a love ballad featuring Drake.

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