Month: January 2017

Life Lesson: Love who you with

If you scroll down your Facebook feed, Twitter, or Instagram you see these people that are complaining about the person they are with.  They are expressing regret for someone they did wrong or let go of.  However, the same individuals are usually still with someone else.  If you are not going to do anything about a situation you aren’t fond of then stop speaking about.  It makes you look unintelligent to be with someone you say you don’t want.  Love who you are with for in this version of the universe you are right where you are supposed to be.


Life Lesson: Be the type of person people can’t afford to cancel on


People have a habit of treating people in relation to how important they are to affecting their lives.  For example, someone might be late for lunch with a co-worker but not for a one-one with their boss’ boss.  Folks will show up consistently late for church and even consider attendance optional but never miss work.  Knowing this you have to be exceptional and build a life that people want to be apart of.  I once had four appointments set up in one week and all four of them got cancelled because the people had other things come up that were deemed more important.  There will be a time where cancelling on an opportunity to be in my presence will be detrimental to someone’s professional advancement in life.  If people can afford to not honor commitments to you, you aren’t offering the world enough.


Life Lesson: Yesterday’s result don’t matter today

Every day is a new opportunity to make something happen.  You need to wake up with the intention of doing something that will alter the outcome of the day.  Failure yesterday doesn’t mean failure today.  Success yesterday doesn’t mean you just get to wake up and walk around like showing up is enough.  Finish everyday strong like tomorrow isn’t promised because you can’t predict the future.


Life Lesson: Actions Matter

In this world everyone is not born with the same amount of wealth, conditions, and opportunities.  However, one thing everyone has is choices.  The real difference between the haves and have-nots is the amount of chances and do-overs to correct mistakes.  In essence you have to live like each action you take either takes you closer or farther away from the goal, there is no in between.  People make bad choices because they approve a bad decision by getting themselves to believe there is no ramification or consequence.  Live a life where continuous improvement and progress are mandatory.  If you are constantly executing actions that get you closer to your goal you can accomplish it.  People that fail can’t honestly say majority of their actions worked toward their goal.  In reality they likely did a few things to try to achieve something and then quit trying.


Word of Week: Kanban

Increasing one’s vocabulary is a way to expand your mind and articulate your thoughts in new ways.  Below if the word of the week for the week of 1/16/17.

Kanban: noun : [kahn-bahn] : the cards used on assembly lines to signal that parts are needed.

Example:  Kanban is an efficiency tool that was first used in Japan and is now a best practice for companies.

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Life Lesson: Keep inventory on your enemies

Be aware of your surroundings whether at work, around family, and or friends.  Many people won’t stand with you if it puts them at risk.  If you find people that back you regardless of the consequences, you can trust them.  Watch people that are loud when you are struggling but silent when you’re thriving because they aren’t for you.  Lastly, remember those who in plain sight smile at your failures for you need to make those people regret it.


Life Lesson: Legacies last forever


We all are born to die.  We won’t be on this earth forever and probably waste most of our lives under utilizing our time here.  Therefore, it’s crucial to figure out what makes you happy and what you’re calling is.  If you wish to be more than average in life your focus needs to be about being remembered and building something that outlasts you.  Take risks in your life and do things that are going to set you apart of the crowd.  People are seldom remembered for following after the crowd.  Legends are eternal and legacies last forever.