Life Lesson: Impossible is NOTHING

If this year hasn’t taught us anything, it has taught us that nothing is impossible.  From a sports’ stand point we have seen the Cleveland Cavaliers come back from 3-1 deficit to beat Golden State Warriors for NBA championship for first time.  We have witnessed the Chicago Cubs win the World Series for first time in 108 years!  We have also seen a man elected President that people doubted and said would never win.  None of these things happen if the individuals involved saw their goal as impossible and gave in to naysayers and doubters.  Decide your goal, work towards it without quitting, and forget what anybody that doesn’t support it says!  I was once handed a 2 million project with no experience to design and implement a machine that had been attempted and failed 4 times before.  I succeeded and now have installed 3 of those machines, what’s your excuse?  Impossible is nothing.


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