Day: March 1, 2017

Life Lesson: True Power

There’s a quote floating around that true power is the ability to lose everything and get it back.  I would say that is at least one way to evaluate power.  Anybody can get lucky with the stars aligning to be successful.  However, it’s harder to be great starting from scratch and having to prove yourself again.  That’s one of the reasons I respect Michael Vick’s fall and return to the top.  Here is a guy that lost a $100 million dollar contract and was in prison for several years through his own doing.  The guy comes back humbled and within a few years earned a 2nd $100 million dollar contract.  That’s not easy to and is probably one of the more extreme cases.  An everyday scenario would be recovering from bankruptcy, or being successful with new business.  You want to flex your power, start from the bottom and build without a safety net.