Life Lesson: Better to be lucky or good?

People say it’s better to be lucky than good which sometimes is true.   However, if you are in the business of excelling above the status quo it’s better to be good.  Obviously when you are lucky it means you had a strong possibility of just plain failing or for the opportunity be given to someone or something else.  When you are good it’s not by accident.  The results are more expected and though you might have some unsuccessful moments you will consistently come out ahead of luck chasers.  For example, picture two people both are driving separately to the same destination.  Person A gives themselves extra time to arrive while Person B gives himself just enough time to get there.  Person A has time accidents or traffic jams while Person B is basically hoping to make a green and yellow light with no traffic delays.  Which person do you think has a more consistent arrival times to the destination?  Or think about a quarterback in football always throwing footballs up for grab down field hoping for a great play to be made versus reading the defense and making more intelligent decisions.  Real life is no different, dominance isn’t luck its prepared execution.  Still want to be lucky?


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