Life Lesson: Let us PURGE!

Going through a purge period in your life is similar to mix and matching your activities and actions except you are going a step further and removing things out of your life.  Sometimes you outgrow some people and they no longer serve a purpose in your life.  Whether than try to force yourself to socialize with people you can no longer relate to; cease communication with them.  It may seem harsh but the people you interact with do affect your life.  If they don’t add value and or challenge you in a positive way they aren’t helping you.  The same goes for companies, sometimes its best to move on from a company if it is no longer a fit, you aren’t happy, or are suffering stagnant growth.  Remove any activities or tasks that you simply don’t enjoy doing especially if you are doing them to please someone else or because it’s normal.  Lastly, let’s talk about romantic relationships.  If you are with someone and they are the main source of negativity in your life and or make you worst as a person make a change.  Either you need talk with person and start to work on alleviating the issues or need to go your separate ways.  Finances, kids, and or other obligations aren’t an excuse to keep swallowing poison.  Like a snake shed your old skin and emerge new. 


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