Book Review: Addicted to the Monkey Mind by JF Benoist

I just wrapped up reading Addicted to the Monkey Mind: Change the Programming that Sabotages Your Life by JF Benoist.

Overall, I enjoyed the book.  Majority of the book is the author stepping you through the sessions and problems of patients he worked with on various addictions and personal traumas.  While there are times where some chapters he appear to be basically giving out the same advice you do walk away with a few tips that will improve your mental health and stability.

Main takeaways: A lot of our problems in life come from us listening to the negative part of ourselves which he calls the “monkey mind”.  The monkey mind is like the extra critical part of you that’s always judging you and blowing things out of proportion.  The opposite of that part of you is the “observing mind”.  The observing mind is the more logic part of you that sees things how they are appear without gassing you up.  A lot of us have trauma from different parts of our past that we never deal with so we mask it through various addictions and poor communication with others.  For example, people say things like they have daddy issues or can’t trust men but don’t unpack the core belief that’s affecting their lives years later.  He explains how to get down to the core theme of your problems, provides techniques for processing your emotions in non-detrimental ways, tips for handling anxiety, and steps for listening to your thoughts among other things.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give this book at 6.  Book isn’t bad but there are chapters I was able to get through without taking down meaningful notes due to the advice seeming similar to previous chapters.  However, I do think there tips in there that can help anyone that picks the book up.  I feel confident that anyone that reads the books will have increased mental stability.

Bizzy Jimme

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