Life Squat 05.01.20

Each week I will send a list of articles that I’ve come across online that are worth sharing covering various areas of life.  Be great and do great things.  Feel free to send me articles, books, etc. to share with the world.


What is Credit Card Pre-Approval 

     No doubt that most people are looking for alternative means to get their needs met.  More than likely credit cards have come into play and those monthly offers you previously have thrown in trash are looking sexy now.

A Beginner’s Guide to Passive Income

     Another thing people are getting into is additional ways to earn income.  Whether you are someone that is completely out of work, have had your salary or revenues reduced, or are trying to increase your financial stability and don’t know how this article is a start.  My desire for needing passive income has lead to me publishing my first book, re-launching an abandoned website, and investing in penny stocks that suffering during the pandemic.  However, I’m still very green as many of you in making true income while I sleep.


Work from Home Exercise

     With many places of fitness closed and or your personal trainer off limits you can’t let all your progress and hard work go to waste.  The below article shares some tips.

Beachbody Subscription

     I used to pay $20 a month for Planet Fitness Black Card subscription but I think I might have stumbled onto something with Beach Body On Demand subscription.  For $40 dollars for a quarter I can have unlimited access to the full Beach Body exercise and video library.  I can even download content for when I’m on the road.  The per month rate would have been cheaper if I paid for the subscription for the entire year or two years.  They are even kind enough to let you try it out for 2 weeks straight before charging you.  Another cool thing is they give you a coach with the subscription that makes you part a group with other folks to be accountable with.

10 Low Calorie Foods

     Here’s an article on 10 foods you can add to your palette to keep the calories low when you’r stuck in the house.


Make a weekly list of goals

     Once again I encourage everyone to make a weekly list of at least 7 non-routine goals that you feel you need to knock out each week.  I personally set my goals on Sunday which I’ve now deemed “Tone Setting Sunday”.  I share the results or my previous weeks goals on “Accountability Monday”.


“When you don’t feel like waking up early in the morning to do something remember that somewhere out there someone else is.”

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