I set 6 goals for myself the week of 05/25/20 and to be transparent I’ve posted what they were.  The red “x” indicates which ones I actually completed.  I investigate becoming a public notary for Wisconsin.  However, don’t know if the $5 per gig pay is worth the effort.  I didn’t write and record episode 9 and 10 for the U-Prayer Podcast.  Honestly, haven’t been in best frame of mind to be representing God’s work authentically.  I looked into using virtual assistants to market my various brands.  Upwork and Fiverr charge much higher rates than some of the India based companies.  I’m switching focus from strictly marketing to SEO as that may be more beneficial.  The goal I’m most excited to accomplish is fasting from bread, pasta, and potatoes all week.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought and I will continue to do this upcoming week.  I researched popular hashtags though there doesn’t appear to be a quick website I can reference to get the information daily.  Lastly, I decided I will do 45-50 recipes in my recipe book which will be broken out by entrees, sides, desserts, and drinks.  This upcoming week I will try to knock out my goals early in week versus rushing at end of week.  Get off your couch and participate and share your own accountability Monday goals!

Bizzy Jimme

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