Day: June 6, 2020

Life Squat 06.06.20

Each week I will send a list of articles that I’ve come across online that are worth sharing covering various areas of life.  Be great and do great things.  Feel free to send me articles, books, etc. to share with the world.


Does Your Credit Card Cover Coronavirus Cancellations?

     My wife and I were planning on going on a cruise this year to celebrate 10 years of marriage.  However, coronavirus took the trip off the table before we could officially book anything.  What would the process have been if we had actually trip booked?  

5 Websites to Help Increase Your Income While Social Distancing

     If you have a computer and or phone its still possible to make some money.  Many of these places you’ve probably heard of before.  I’ve even half way set up accounts on some of these sites.  However, it doesn’t hurt to keep being reminded what’s possible.  


5 Ways to Get Out of A Bad Mood

     Coronavirus fatigue? Tired of working from home?  Here’s an article about lifting your spirits.


How to Set Goals Effectively and Grow Continuously 

        Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day but some folks managed to get some stuff done while others make excuses and reasons to be distracted.  

12 Relationship Deal Breakers That You Shouldn’t Tolerate

        More time at home has no doubt changed the dynamics of our relationships with others.  Problems are surfacing quicker and people I pondering whether to make changes to the relationships in their lives. 


“Better to have love and lost than to have never loved at all.”


Dua Lipa – Break My Heart