I set 8 goals for myself the week of 06/29/20 and to be transparent I’ve posted what they were. The red “x” indicates which ones I actually completed. I went 6/8 from the field. I converted as much U-Pray branded items to U-Prayer across several social media platforms.  I didn’t get 25% of the new U-Prayer website completed though I did update the website theme which is half the battle.  Haven’t awarded the Fantasy Block app development job yet.  I have eliminated a handful of candidates.  I tried to give the new Fantasy Block App logo job to same person that redid the U-Prayer logo and they completely botched the job.  So now I’ve hired a second person to do it and their first several concepts weren’t too good but I’m hoping they pull through.  I’ve reviewed vending machine costs in case I invest in purchasing one.  I’m doing a trial on a website that posts your t-shirt design request to a community of designers and manufacturers.  I’ve also mocked up some designs on independent websites.  I mocked up 3 t-shirt designs and have an idea how I will sell them.

Bizzy Jimme

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