Life Squat 08.08.20

Each week I will send a list of articles that I’ve come across online that are worth sharing covering various areas of life.  Be great and do great things.  Feel free to send me articles, books, etc. to share with the world.


How these Small Businesses are Surviving During the Pandemic

     Some smaller companies are getting it done without the safety new large companies have.


7 Fun Things to Do When Your Alone  

     Don’t just sit around with a thumb up your butt.


How to Identify Your Startup Early Adopters 

     Quickly identify your day ones.    


The 6 Different Type of Covid19 Clusters 

     They are starting to identify which symptoms lead to more risky cases.   


Cam Newton’s body  changes since going Vegan

     There are a handful of elite athletes that appear to not eat meat.


What’s poppin, brand new whip just hopped in.


Jack Harlow – What’s Poppin Remix

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