Day: August 15, 2020

Life Squat 08.15.20

Each week I will send a list of articles that I’ve come across online that are worth sharing covering various areas of life.  Be great and do great things.  Feel free to send me articles, books, etc. to share with the world.


11 Ways to get out of Debt Faster 

     I’m going to be debtless in 5 months.  You should be too.


Top 5 Websites to Keep You Entertained and Informed about Movies 

     I don’t sit around watching stuff all the time but when I do….


How to Identify Your Startup Early Adopters 

     Quickly identify your day ones.    


21 Best Vegan Snacks for Afternoon Slump 

     No I’m not a Vegan but I have cut out red meat out of my diet for most of the past month to improve my health.  


How Many Copycat Apps can Instagram Fit Under its Umbrella?

     Facebook is so lazy that they simply copy every competitor.  How about they actually come up with an original idea?


I wanna be your top 5, dead or alive.


Cardi B – Wap