Life Squat 09.19.20

Each week I will send a list of articles that I’ve come across online that are worth sharing covering various areas of life.  Be great and do great things.  Feel free to send me articles, books, etc. to share with the world.


Good Debt vs Bad Debt

     May the best debt win.


Homeowners Looking to Refinance will get Hit with new FEE

    How nice, we can always count on big corporations to reach into our pockets.


90% of Employers Say Working Remotely Hasn’t Hurt Productivity

     I think this is misleading because it excludes employers that no longer have a business.  RIP to my local Barnes & Noble, Apple Bees, Irish Pub, Baker’s Square, random pancake place, Pier Ones everywhere.


Why Gatorade Wants to Analyze Your Sweat 

     Even soft drinks are trying to go tech.  Who’s next?  


Notifications Are Killing Your Productivity, Here’s What to Do About It 

     I hate them all.  Don’t want to know who posts on Facebook or IG constantly unless its my favorite.


I’ve never heard the term broke and handsome.



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