Month: November 2020


I set 4 goals for myself the week of 11/09/20 and to be transparent I’ve posted what they were. The red “x” indicates which ones I actually completed. I executed 4/4 of the goals.

I finished setting up social media accounts for Fantasy Block app and JAWIV Enterprises.  I added app screen shots to the Fantasy Block app landing page.  I researched how to improve the podcast format of the U-Prayer podcast.  Lastly, I added a clothing page to

Bizzy Jimme

TONE SETTING SUNDAY – Week of 11/16/20

I challenge you all to make at least 4 non-routine goals for the upcoming week and reference them daily. Use them to guide your actions when you have free time. These are my goals for the week of 11/16/20.⁠

I will strive to consume less than 75 carbs daily all week.  I will put together a 3 month personal finance plan and 3 month business strategy.  I will finalize the U-Prayer podcast structure and start recording episodes.  Lastly, I will re-brand the u-prayer podcast with new name and cover art.

Bizzy Jimme