FIRE RANT: Why I’ve uninstalled TikTok Twice in 6 months

So, I recently briefly downloaded the Tiktok app for the second time in the past 6 months to see what all the fuss was about. While I admit that the concept of the app is indeed an idea that people appear to be interested in it, I’m not impressed with it. I think the reason a lot of these user content-based apps are thriving is because people looking for non-traditional realms of entertainment. People want to be able to control the narrative of what kind of entertainment is available to them and what better way to show than thru creating it yourself. The problem I have with Tiktok and sometimes Instagram is what is it truly leading people. People literally spends hours of their day trying to create videos on Tiktok that don’t matter. Who cares about you changing outfits or dancing to a song? How is that helping you achieving tangible goals in your career or help others? Folks are posting false lifestyles that they don’t live and others are killing themselves for digital clout.

In another corner of the triangle you got people thinking they are a god because they paid someone to give them followers on Instagram. I admit, I’ve done this before in the past and once you realize that you can easily buy followers, I’m talking under $50 dollars you start to wonder how many of these gurus do it. When you scroll thru comments sections of accounts with heavy followers and realize most of the comments are the same people post to post and or irrelevant comments that tells you most the people are authentic follows. I’m tired of the Instagram marketing kings/queens. I’ve actually tried a few of them and most of them don’t stack up when you need real marketing done for websites and or Amazon etc.

Lastly, in the final corner of the unholy trinity you have fools that live and breathe for the chance to put ugly comments on people’s posts. Folks will claim they had sed celebrity, athlete, or stranger but somehow will manage to be the first person commenting on a post and or frequent comment on multiple posts. If you don’t like the person or content get the heck off the page dummy! Find something or someone your more interested in. I’m not going to go seek out content on IG and Tiktok on how to be a Proud Boy. Nor am I going to go comment on one of their posts. I close by urging people to not spend all their time watching brainless videos on apps. Its easy to scroll without a purpose for hours and wonder where the time is gone. Make sure you allocate time to achieving your goals and spend time with people who really love you. By the way, I’ve now uninstalled Tiktok twice in 6 months and am doing just fine.

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