Business 101: Lock up Your Brand Name Across the Internet

One of the first steps I take when considering a new brand is verification that the name is indeed not already being used by someone else.  It doesn’t make sense to waste your time building a name that someone already uses.  I perform verification in a handful of steps which are all listed below.

  1. Search for the name online which entails going to your favorite search engine and seeing if the name pops up.
    1. For example, when I was thinking of the bizzy jimme name I looked it up online and found it wasn’t occupied. It was probably my second or third choice because other names I wanted were bands, etc.
  2. Search to see if the domain name you want is available for you to brand a website.
    1. If you can’t get a domain that you feel represents your brand it can hinder what you want to accomplish. I usually don’t select a brand name if I can’t align with a domain name.  Sometimes you will see that people will squat on domain names and not actively be using the website.  Its up to you if you want to explore trying to get the squatter to sell the site for affordable price.  Often a middle gets involved to try to make money off your dilemma.
  3. Have conviction to get a custom domain email.
    1. I must admit I lose respect for folks when I see them doing business with a gmail domain name. It costs less than $100 dollars, maybe as low as $60-84 a year to have custom email domain.  Spend the chump change to let folks know you’re serious.
  4. Claim the brand name across various social media platforms.
    1. You don’t need to secure every social media app known to man just the standard ones regardless of if you think you will heavily use it. I typically, will secure an account for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.
  5. Get logo created to represent brand.
    1. Once you’ve secured a name, domain, and social media accounts you want to get logo created to help make the brand name more recognizable. You can get some goods ones made at for under $50 dollars with all the fixings.
  6. Trademark name and logo.
    1. This is a long-term step you will want to take if your brand starts taking off. You will want to go online to get the name trademarked and get logo trade marked as well.   You can roughly do both of those for under $1000 including the government filing fees.

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