I must admit that I was happy to learn that NFL free agent Quarterback Cam Newton was returning for 1 more year with the New England Patriots.  I feel that Newton has hit a string of bad luck the past few years.  The last time he was truly healthy was with the Carolina Panthers when Norv Turner was his Offensive Coordinator.  The Panthers had I believe a 6-2 record and Newton was playing well until his shoulder injury happened that he tried to play thru.  He followed that season coming off the shoulder injury while also dealing with a new foot injury which tanked his final season with Panthers before playing for Patriots during the 2020 covid football season.  Because of all the injuries he was trying to recover from Newton didn’t sign with a team until August meaning he missed most of the off season which matters for any player yet alone a quarterback.

Newton started off the year with Patriots looking pretty good but wasn’t the same after returning from covid19 illness.  Compound that with virtually no offensive weapons and it was perfect disaster for the Patriots.  Even with that the team still was only 7-9, a few more plays being made on final drives and they could have been 10-6 or at least 9-7.

I’m eager to see Patriots reload their offense and welcome back the defensive players that opt-out the season due to covid and see what Belicek cooks up this season.  No, I’m not a Patriots fans but I usually do like to see black quarterbacks do well and respect Belicek’s football IQ.  Side note that I used to play quarterback some in high school back when Kordell Stewart was the man.  So, Cam Newton, know that I’m praying for you to regain some version of the form you showed when you worked with Norv Turner.  If you regain superman, even better.

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