FIRE RANT: Celebrities Aren’t Automatically Good People, We Aren’t Either

Today I like to talk about our beliefs that celebrities have to be and or are good people.  People are always trying to cancel a celebrity, athlete, and or politician if they don’t agree with their own personal beliefs.  First, we must realize that once someone hits the public eye they are coached on what to say and not say at times.  So the chances you are really hearing what the person thinks are sketchy.  Athletes and celebrities seem to mainly state what’s the popular opinion at the time.  When they don’t the social media police or insert some random organization are quick to harass them until they comply and change their stance.  Politicians will sell their opinion for votes and or continued status in a political party.  I never understood why folks will protest a celebrity or athlete if they align themselves with something, they don’t like but will still report for work if their boss and or company does the same thing.  For example, someone will complain about teams support of Black Lives Matter or some conservative ideology and refuse to support it.  But they will continue going to work when their job starts pushing Black Lives Matter agendas and or work for leadership that has strong conservative views.  Just like the people and business around you in your everyday life that aren’t perfectly aligned with your morals and or flawed famous folks are no different.  If you not going to make a stand with the people and company, you encounter everyday sit down and reserve the high-level judgement.  Too many of us are holding famous folks and companies to standards we don’t live in our lives and businesses.

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