FIRE RANT: Everyone Deserves Respect

Today I like to clear up the notation that everyone doesn’t deserve basic respect.  People are literally walking around everyday treating another person differently because of their race, age, class status, gender, sexual orientation, profession, political affiliation, clothes their wearing and much more.  Funny part about it is that most of the things we judge people on are things people can’t 100% control.  I won’t get into the debate of which ones because that’s besides the point.  I shouldn’t be treated differently when I walk in a room wearing a suit versus sweatpants and hoodie.  My blood pressure shouldn’t raise when I see a police car and or officer near me.  Aside from jobs that have physical requirements women should be able to have just as much representation for genderless jobs as men.  However, this isn’t the case.  Though everybody is their own unique person we seemed to want to focus on how quickly we can point out the difference between others and ourselves.  We use stereotypes to short cut treating everyone as individuals as if every republican is racist and every democrat is not racist.  Don’t tell anybody but I’ve twice been pulled over by cop and got away with a warning.  At same time, I’ve also been profiled by a cop on the University of Dayton campus on the same night I was going to do a planned ride along with same cops!  Point is we need to stop painting everybody with broad brushes.

We need to start treating everyone with dignity and like they matter.   Mark 12:31 says to “treat your neighbor like yourself” which is one of the two most important commandments.  Religious or not if we simply treated each other the way we wanted to be treated would folks still rape, cuss, harm, molest, kill, steal, and lie against another?  Essentially the concept of karma that folks are always throwing around is the manifestation of that scripture.  The world accepts folks giving random individual truths but doesn’t want to give basic respect to folks.  You can be from the hood and still share seat on a plane with a white woman from the suburbs.  A Christian pastor can volunteer and work with a gay man in the community or at his job.  Its okay to hold the door open for someone that’s transgender or service a bad cop in a restaurant if that’s your job.  Until we start giving people basic respect regardless of folks’ personal choices, appearance, lifestyles, affiliations, etc. humans will continue to waste energy on fake drama.

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