Sports BLITZ!: The GLASS Ten, I Mean Big

So, I’m not a big NCAA fan regardless of the sport but I do passively pay attention to the Big Ten schools based in Illinois given that I grew up in Chicago.  Needless to say, I took notice that Big Ten had an extraordinarily strong conference for Men’s basketball and had record number of participants in the tournament.  However, my enthusiasm subsided as I saw teams get eliminated one by one like snowflakes in the summer.  I don’t care if some of the losses were good old fashion butt whippings.  The results were embarrassing.  They scream fraud, soft, and underachievement.  To have over 10% of the field be occupied by Big Ten affiliated teams and only have 1 team make it to the 3rd round or sweet 16 is a joke.  Have some pride!  Some of these fools were low single digit (highly ranked) teams like Ohio State and Purdue who didn’t have enough self-respect to make it out the first round.  Maybe Michigan will keep advancing and cover for the sins of their brothers.  UM probably needs to make it to final four to save the conference from ending the year with egg on their face in my opinion.  Additionally, Michigan has the chance to punch Alabama in the mouth in route to claiming a final four spot which would avenge what happened in football season to Ohio State during the college football championship game.  We shall see what happens.

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