Like most people I was somewhat satisfied to be blessed with another stimulus check on the way that would allow me to continue paying off debt, generating wealth, and investing in my entrepreneurial desires.  Additionally, I liked how the new bill provides support for small businesses and communities that need funding.  However, I was not in impressed to see that the bill only passed because my Soror, Vice President Kamala Harris, broke the 50-50 split with her vote.  I need the government to set better examples and to show the collaboration and compromise we teach are children at home and school.  The same negotiations that trade labor unions, athletes and owners, and employees at corporate America work thru should be displayed by the countries supposed “best leaders”.  Nobody is truly all conservative or all progressive with their views if we are being honest.  Congressional leaders are so scared to lose their position in office that they use group think at every turn which isn’t healthy.  Maximum benefit can’t be created in a negotiation and agreement when one side or person pretty much can push thru what they broadly believe independent of the other side.  I believe that fair deals where both sides get something, they think is important creates the best overall result because you stay away from extremes.  Rarely, is the extreme of anything the best decision short or long term.  Whether its food, sex, fun, work, or rest too little or too much of any of those doesn’t breed accountability and desirable results.  Why do our politicians think its acceptable?  Maybe the current system as it exists is too fear based to allow people the heart to speak their conscience without being censured by their party.  If that’s the case, shame on us for not demanding a more bias-less system.

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