Business 101: Screw the Instagram Marketing Gurus

One thing I would advise not to get worked up over is all these folks on Instagram that claim they have the follower and or like secret.  Most of these folks with hundreds of thousands of followers are frauds unless they are a real celeb, athlete, and or sell actual products/service.  If someone’s biggest claim to fame is being Instagram relevant walk away.  All you must do is look in their comments section to see what’s going on.  If someone’s follower to comments ratio is way off that’s indication of bought follows.  For example, if someone has 20K followers but can’t consistently get 100 likes on their posts something isn’t right.  Another indication of bought followers and likes is when you look in their comments section and the same 15 people post on every time (and they post multiple times) and half the times their remarks make no sense in relation to the content. Or maybe the comments will have a bunch of spam remarks (forex trading, conspiracy theories, etc).  Full disclosure, I’ve bought followers instantly to see how it works and you can literally by 50, 1000, 10000, etc. in less than a few days.  Once you realize the game that’s being played it liberates you and allows you to just make content without pressure of who’s going to follow or like it.  If you take nothing else away from this article remember this, if someone’s only claim to fame is being Instagram marketing relevant look somewhere else for help.  Take your butt online and look around for marketing assistance from people that do it in real life.

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