FIRE RANT: Make Your Inputs Make Sense

One thing we can all improve in is making sure what goes into us aligns with what we are trying to be and accomplish.  For example, if we want to keep putting crappy food into our bodies, consuming alcohol, and doing drugs we shouldn’t expect to be in elite physical shape.  Nor would we expect to lose weight with that kind of behavior.  You don’t put fish in your oven and expect hamburgers to come out.  Our inputs and outputs should match.  Another scenario would be if we were trying to quit a bad habit like removing bad language from our vocabulary.  If we want to stop cussing it wouldn’t make sense to listen to bad music that will subconsciously get into your mind.  Probably wiser to listen to clean music or no music at all.  Or if you were recently released from prison and wanted to avoid going back there’s certain actions you would take.  You wouldn’t want to hang out with a bunch of folks that are presently committing crimes because that probably increases the likelihood that you get back into the life.  Sometimes it’s best to step back and look at what we are trying to get as an end result from a situation and work backwards to reverse engineer the inputs.

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