Another day, another racist incident at Starbucks.  Within the past week or so a female customer called a black employee the n-word because he tried to enforce the company mask requirement the lady wasn’t following.  What makes this incident even more disappointing is that the white woman had at least one kid with her that was biracial indicating she had sexual relations with a black man.  When bystanders pointed this out the lady admitted it and still didn’t have regrets about hurling the n-word at the employee.  We already know that having black friends, employees, teammates, and idols doesn’t prevent black people from getting disrespected and called out of name by white person.  However, a white person having sexual relations and conceiving with a black person doesn’t mean the person doesn’t have hate in their hearts.  I guess that’s no different than what the slave masters and former presidents (shout out to my uncle George Washington) did hundreds of years ago.  What kind of lasting damage is going to be done to a child that grows up with a toxic parent like that?  What caused the lady to act like?  Did the baby’s father do her wrong tainting her views on blacks and or is she just trifling?  What makes this situation even worse is that when I tried to look up the incident to put the lady on blast, I couldn’t even find the article easily because this has happened at Starbucks multiple times over the years!  If we continue nurturing and bathing children in hate our world will continue to suffer the racism illness.  The punch line of this article is that a non-minority having bi-racial or ethnic kids doesn’t mean that someone isn’t racist.  Hope everyone can sleeps better with that reminder.

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