Business 101: You Want Your Own Business, Work On It

Many people want to be rich, be their own boss, have ownership, celebrity fame, and the list goes on.  However, how many people actually do anything beyond running their mouths?  Folks sit on dreams for years, decades, lifetimes and die without action.  It isn’t enough to claim what your goals are.  Nor is it sufficient to simply write them down or pray to God for them and walk away as if your part is done.  A to do list isn’t action and God isn’t a genie that just grants wishes.  There’s never a perfect time to do something.  Folks prioritize what matters in their lives.  We have our jobs near the top of our responsibilities because it represents our income that supports our livelihood.  People will deal with poor treatment, discriminations, and disrespect at their jobs that they won’t tolerate in their everyday lives.  They will brave weather conditions to get to work that they pass on when it comes to church or errands.  When an emergency happens, we find time to shift our significances in our life.  If we have a crush on someone, like them, or they have something we want we make time.  Why can’t we apply that to our personal dreams and ambitions?  I’m not talking about working a full second job in addition to your 40 plus hour a week career.  I’m saying that if you want something you need to find time within the 24 hours to continually work on it.  Maybe its 30 – 60 minutes in the morning before you leave the house, lunch time at work, or at night after everyone is in bed.  Trade some of that brainless Netflix time or social media surfing for your business.  No one said it was going to be easy and desirable to create a business.  However, if you don’t take action no one else will.  If you have an idea and don’t make time to work on that’s YOUR FAULT!  There are single parents, children, and less than perfectly healthy people that create businesses everyday.  Figure it out or hold your peace.

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