If I Ruled the World: Mass Shooting Silver Bullet

Seems like we have mass shootings now weekly.  Whether they are confrontations at parties that result in bodies being dropped, random encounters at stores, or retaliation from workplace incidents.  We’ve almost gotten used to them.  We know that folks are going to send thoughts and prayers, create hashtags, and that congress isn’t going to execute any substantial legislation that brings about change.  If I ruled the world there are several things I would recommend.  First, I would prohibit the sell of any military grade or mass assault style weapons to the everyday person.  Whatever lists that currently exists that civilians can’t purchase over the counter, add military and or mass assault weapons to it.  Second, I establish psyche evaluations that registered gun owners would have to take every 3-5 years.  If person fails the evaluation and gets flagged for sketchy answers they have to hand over their guns for 6 month period.  They would only get them back after passing a psyche evaluation.  Third, I would limit the number of guns that someone can own.  Probably isn’t a reason for someone to have 10 types of guns just to pick a number.  Fourth, any time someone purchases a gun they need to pass a background check.  If they don’t pass, they can’t purchase anything.  Fifth, registered gun owners would have pass background check every 3 years to maintain gun ownership.  Lastly, if someone is reported to authorities for specious behavior and or accused of planning a mass shooting that person shall lose their guns for designated period of time.  Additionally, they must pass psyche evaluation.  I must admit I don’t have much experience with guns, I’ve held one in my hand several times.  Got to shoot one a several times back in a college ROTC class with terrible aim.  However, that’s where my experience stops.  The above actions recommended prevents mass assault style guns from being sold over the counter, requires passed psyche evaluations on regular basis for gun owners, limits the number of guns someone can own, requires background any gun purchase, requires registered gun owners to pass background checks every 3 years, and takes away guns from specious people temporarily.  Maybe some of these laws exist a less useful forms but this is what I would do.  Again, the ideas are listed as bullet points below.

  • Restriction the sale or military grade or mass style assault weapons for over-the-counter purchase
  • Require passed psyche evaluations on regular basis for registered gun owners.
  • Limit the number of guns someone can own.
  • Require background checks on any gun purchase.
  • Require registered gun owners to pass background check on regular basis.
  • Take away guns from people reported for specious behavior temporarily.

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