FIRE RANT: Media Covid Fatigue

Is it me, or is covid getting played out to death by the media?  It seems like every day the various news media cycles thru the same handful of ideas or information.  Covid cases seems to always be on the rise despite all the vaccinations, social distancing, and mask wearing going on.  There’s 100 new variants out there.  Appears that every time we report that the vaccinated population increases a new variant is discovered.  Then we get some conflicting information and or instructions released that don’t make sense.  One expert will say that its okay to not wear masks if all parties in area are vaccinated but then in same week, we get news that fully vaccinated people have died.  The covid cases will be increasing in an area the same week that mask mandates or other rules are relaxed.  Trump was a lot of things but maybe some of the things he said about the media was right.  Media likes to grab and hold onto our attention and best way to do that is to pray on our emotions.  This can be done by providing conflicting information and instruction, making us fear by hearing about deaths and news threats, and make us relieved when we hear about increased availability of vaccinations and people vaccinated.  We basically go thru a stage of being relieved, scared, confused, and angry.  For months now I’ve been glad to be occupied with work because the small sound bites I get from TV and CNN aren’t too helpful.  I would recommend protect yourself from infection, making safe choices, and keeping your head down until this is over.

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