FIRE RANT: I’m Not Pro-Black Everything, But I Still Have a Voice

For the past few years, I have been irked by the belief that if a black person isn’t 100% supportive of every black celebrity, movement, and situation that they aren’t real.  Real meaning not authentic, not representative of their race.  I believe that wrong is wrong and right is right.  Regardless, if folks like Trump and Weinstein haven’t been held accountable for their crimes, I believe people like Bill Cosby and R. Kelly need to be in jail.  Yes, wealthy men of other races might be guilty of the same things that Deshaun Watson has been accused of but that doesn’t mean he gets a pass for sketchy behavior.  While it’s sad anytime someone loses a life, every police officer isn’t bad and every person that is has been killed by them isn’t completely innocent.  There have been some folks that contributed to their survival rate during the encounter with police.  I also believe there are cops that exists that are racist and bad people and possibly even more worthless cops that stand by, watch evil happening, and cover it up.  Not sure what the solution is for that, but I know destroying department stores and your neighborhood isn’t one of them.  If the black community wants to be angry about cops killing a small amount of us let’s also get outraged about the gangs, family members, and friends that commit traumatic actions and murders to our own as well.  Let’s report the crimes that happen in our neighborhood and in our homes, stop protecting fools, and put them in prison where they belong.  We tell people that if they don’t love themselves and treat themselves well, they can’t expect others to.  I think we are guilty of that in black community just like other communities are too.  Yes, I know police are held to higher standard and that other races are treated differently than us but still doesn’t’ excuse the trauma and murders we commit in our community.  Folks need to control what they can control.  Rat out the people doing bad things in the community whether that’s drug dealers, criminals, molesters, rapists, and murderers.  Invest in the businesses in the community and network.  Do more to supplement the marching, talking and destroying property.  Marching and speeches have a place but solely focusing on what others have done to us won’t solve all our issues if we don’t address the internal damage we do to ourselves.

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