Business 101: Outsourcing your Weakness = Maximizing your Time

When you are creating you own business you have to understand what you are great and bad at.  Sometimes when you are first starting out you are just trying to get traction on your business initiative.  Therefore, you may not be able to afford to spend money on every aspect of the business.  Or you may not be sure its going to work so you don’t want to invest money everywhere.  Well, I say you still must do an honest audit of the quality of work you are able to do across all areas.  For example, when I made this website, I knew I could probably make it passable enough to get by doing it myself in the short term based on the fact I had previous experience making basic websites.  However, I called myself trying to apply that logic in marketing with undesirable results.  I spent a little money for Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and Google Ads without a marketing formula I dare to repeat so started looking for experts to help me.  I had similar experience for mobile application development.  I thought as an engineer I could go on these drag and drop DIY app making sites and be off to the races.  Well, after signing up for a few sites I quickly realized that even if I could figure it out, there were better ways for me to use my time.  So again, I outsourced something that I wasn’t strong in to focus my times on other areas.

Weighing what tasks for your business that you can do or want to do versus outsourcing is a continuous process.  If you think you use time for tasks that only you exclusively can complete that’s a good clue that you need to lighten your tasks load.  Finding ways to get your hands out of all parts of your business will accelerate your effectiveness.  At the same time, it gives you a peace of mind that someone else capable is working on advancing your business forward besides you.  Life’s a challenge enough being an entrepreneur while maintaining other obligations.  So next time you are thinking through a new business task that needs to get accomplished ask yourself if there’s someone else equally as capable of performing it and delegate.  Squeeze everything you can out of time you have for things only you can do.

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