If I Ruled the World: Reduction on Planet Impact

I can’t say I 100% believe that weather changes are all because of things like global warming but what I do know is that humans generate a lot of waste.  Everyone doesn’t recycle, many people litter, and our air isn’t always the cleanest to inhale.  I understand that upgrading to new types of resources for powering things like cars will affect other industries.  However, that shouldn’t be the reason why we don’t look for ways to improve our processes and way of life.  Businesses and brands like Kodak, Xerox, Blockbuster, Blackberry, and others have been left in behind due to the evolution of technology and the human experience.  No one feels sorry for them so why should we be trying to protect the feelings of oil and gas companies.  At some point, everything or person will be replaced but something newer, faster, bigger, smarter, and or better.  To help with the transition to reducing our impact on the planet I would do several things.

  1. Require that companies have at least 25% of their product lines to be comprised of solutions with reduced impact on the environment. I would use organizations like EPA and OSHA to create the standards and enforce the regulations.
  2. Tax credits or incentives would be provided for companies that go above and beyond their bare minimum requirements for cleaner planet.
  3. A portion of financial savings that companies experience from making planet eco-friendly changes would be matched and credited back to the company.
  4. Reward recyclers. I would allow recycling companies to provide trackable containers that could be linked to families so that if a family recycled a lot, they would get financially get credited for some of the further trash processing they’ve prevented.
  5. Create a fund for companies or individuals to get grants to fund eco-friendly initiatives. This would be funded by some government taxes and or some of the state lottery revenue.

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