FIRE RANT: STOP Causing Pain because your Hurting

There has been an increase in the amount of people that like to break up people’s happiness for no real reason.  Folks love to play the side chick or dude role just so they can ruin a relationship or marriage.  I mean people come out the wood works to make themselves known when folks are posting public announcements or in the media just to cause pain.  The funny thing about it, is when they do it nobody in the end wins typically.  The relationship or marriage is usually never the same or ended and the adulterer doesn’t go back to the person that outed them.  People will claim they aren’t fans of a team or person but manage to find time in their day to make negative comments on the person’s post and just type ugly things.  Again, they are too much of a coward to make the remarks to the person face to face but somehow, they think they are brave.  Nor do the comments really improve or change the course of the commenter’s life.  I can only fathom that people break up relationships and marriages because they lack a real connection in their life, so they want others to experience it.  Additionally, people try to bring others self esteem down because they don’t value themselves.  Also, by focusing on bringing someone else down or pointing out their flaws they can avoid their lack of success, achievement, and own flaws.  If you are out there causing others pain and bringing chaos to their lives, I ask you to stop and examine what you are missing in your life.  I ask you to pray to God for forgiveness and seek clarity in your broken situation so you can get out of the business of causing pain to others.

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