Business 101: Invest in your NETWORK

One of the best ways to help accelerate the success of yourself and your business is by investing in your network.  I don’t mean just throwing money at people you know and their business initiatives.  I literally, mean allocate time to attending networking events whether they are in person or virtual.  It gives you to chance to meet new people.  You never know who you are going to stumble upon that might become a good resource, friend, mentor, and or mentee for you.  Networking allows you to educate yourself on what others are doing whether they are your direct competition or have nothing to do with your business.  If someone is giving a presentation during a networking event which often happens, or someone wants to brag about their business you can just quietly take notes and absorb the trade secrets being shared.  By networking you can start surrounding yourself with people that are like minded.  If you want to become a better basketball player, you don’t go hang out and play baseball.  You pull up to a basketball court with your ball and grab next in some scrimmages.  We should be doing the same thing with our business dreams.  Spending all your time with your 9-5 co-workers, content family members, and or friends that mock your goals isn’t going to encourage you in positive way.  Seeing other people working thru the same struggles and aspirations as you can result in you pushing yourself to the next level to keep up. So again, invest in your network, the people you socialize and build your goals and habits with.

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