If I Ruled the World: Limit the Amount of Sugar in a Serving

According, to Heart.org the daily amount of sugar a human should intake daily is 36 grams for men and 25 grams for women.  However, food and beverage companies seem to not always align with that when you look at amount of sugar in a serving.  You could easily eat a Hershey bar or can of pop and exceed your daily sugar intake in less than a few minutes and not be anywhere close to full.  People try to associate how big the sweet is with how many grams of sugar are included and that’s not always a great indicator.  Its best to be able to check the labels on the food or drinks you consume.  I personally, will look at different sweets in the store and read the label to see how many carbs are in it.  Usually, if a product has more than my allotted daily amount of sugar than I won’t place it in my cart.  The more sugar Americans have consumed over time the bigger and unhealthier we have gotten.  A lot of the illnesses we experience are preventable if we eat and exercise better.  If I were running things, I would require food and beverage producers to not produce products that have more than the allotted daily amount of sugar in one serving.  There is really no reason why a single serving of cake for example is 4x the daily amount of sugar.  The label would need to clearly call out the nutritional amount of one serving.  Lastly, if an item were for single person, one time consumption like a candy bar or drink than the product couldn’t exceed the daily recommended amount of sugar in one package or container.  For example, a can of pop would have to be under 36 grams total.  I believe educating people more on what they are consuming and limiting the damage they can do from consumption would reduce sugar intake over time for Americans.

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