FIRE RANT: Screw the Social Media Algorithm Geeks

Look, I’m an engineer by day and entrepreneur at heart that’s simply trying to gain traction on his various business initiatives.  The kind of traction that can at minimum save souls by leading them to Jesus Christ and at maximum build a multiple arm business empire that can impact the world daily.  I don’t have time to try to keep up and play chess with social media platforms when they change their algorithms.  I remember the days when I was a newbie to Instagram and could simply pick good pics and quotes and get decent engagement by being diligent.  Nowadays, when I have a more delicate message and purpose it’s more of a struggle to get engagements without paying for them, spending all day posting videos, and or doing desperate things for attention.  I’m sorry I don’t have all day to like 50 strangers’ pics, videos, and make comments hoping they reciprocate.  I downloaded and deleted Tiktok within a few days because I have better things to do.  I’m beyond living or dying based on how many likes I get on my content.  At this point in my life, I’m going to auto scheduled my content like clockwork and go on with my day without checking the results of each post.  Which I think is opposite of what the social media platforms want.  I’ll prevail because my consistency won’t let up.  My purpose is pre-determined and is not up to some IT geek or computer algorithm to judge.  Challenge accepted.

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