Business 101: Follow Up with Urgency

When you are trying to get tasks accomplished for your business you don’t have time to waste.  Things that are critical need to be handled with great urgency.  If you have components you are waiting on, reach out to the vendor to see if they can be made sooner for free or for expedite fee.  Orders that are complete and just sitting around should be shipped to customers.  It doesn’t hurt to over deliver to your customers.  Sometimes it’s better to call people to get answers versus waiting on a response from a text or email.  If someone is late on their follow up to you, waiting on response via email isn’t an acceptable course of action.  Get on the phone and figure out what’s going on.  This is especially true if you are in contract and or paying for the services of the person.  Treat your business like it matters and make it clear to others that they need to make it priority as well.

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