If I Ruled the World: Regulate Television Content

I think the inappropriateness of content on television has increased over the years.  Yes, I watch rated R television and movies at times.  However, today I want to attack what is shown on everyday regular channels like CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, etc.  We have television programs and award shows where folks are using light duty curse words, having aggressive violence, sexual storylines, and barely dressed folks performing.  What happened to the days where you didn’t have to be halfway embarrassed when watching a singer or rapper perform because they had less clothes on than women at strip clubs?  Again, I’m not talking about cable channels or streaming services.  I’m talking about regular every day channels our news is shown on.  I must tell my kids to leave the room or not look when some of these shows come on.  If I was the one regulating content on TV screen.  I would ban any cuss words, aggressive kills, drug use, and sexual scenes for the major family networks.  If someone wants to see shows demonstrating those kinds of acts, they either pay for cable channels or streaming platforms.  The shows also I guess would have option of making a family friendly version of their show and a more extreme version like music.  I simply don’t think it’s fair for everyday folks to have their family and kids subjected to that be default.

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