TONE SETTING SUNDAY – Week of 5/24/21

I challenge you all to make at least 4 non-routine goals for the upcoming week and reference them daily.  Use them to guide your actions when you have free time.  These are my goals for the week of 5/24/21.⁠

I have 5 goals for this week.  My grocery shopping costs have been getting sloppy so I will update my grocery budget matrix.  I will look for ways to improve and reduce the breaths and swallow sounds on my God and You Podcast.   To improve my overall health I will look at revisiting building a non-red meat diet.  In the same vein, I will look at getting in 10 mins of cardio before bed every night.  Lastly, I plan on executing the writing and recording of the 16th God and You Podcast episode.

Bizzy Jimme

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