FIRE RANT: CDC No Mask Policy

Well, well, well, the CDC surprised us not too long with the roll back of the mask policy for citizens that were vaccinated.  So, like any other policy the government has tried to implement during the pandemic confusion reigned supreme.  Our president actually stated we would use “an honor system” to assume those in public that had their mask off were indeed vaccinated.  I hate to bring it to everyone’s attention, but people haven’t shown to be selfless thus far in the pandemic and were 15 months in.  Why would people start caring about others and behaving on behalf of the greater good now?  It is counter intuitive for folks to want things to go back to normal yet refuse to wear masks or get vaccinated.  Essentially, eliminating the two biggest remedies that could move us along.  This announcement was sloppy and right on time as usual.  Remember at one point the government scolded us for wearing masks only to back track later and I never forgot that.  We took months to get vaccines available to folks and now that we have plenty, people have tempered excitement.  Unfortunately, I think that we very well could see the pandemic eventually end without common sense leadership ever showing up.

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