If I Ruled the World: Incentivize People Off the System

I’ve been very blessed that I haven’t personally had to deal with being unemployed in an impactful way and had to deal with the government process associated with it.  However, I have witnessed other go through it.  I believe more needs to be done to encourage to break free from resources like unemployment pay checks and food stamps.  There are too many people I’ve heard of that will literally quit their job or miss work on purpose so they can stay below a certain income level to retain benefits from government resources.  Somehow, we have a system where inaction is rewarded.  I think that things like unemployment and food stamps should be intended for temporary situations.  People shouldn’t camp on these systems for months and years without any form of tangible effort or progress being made.  First off, I would mandate that people on the system get tested for drug use on regular basis.  I know some people have issue with that but in my opinion a person isn’t staying cleaning it will make it hard for them to get a job or have better life.  Folks don’t make good decision when under influence of drugs or alcohol.  That’s why we have laws around that.  If a person can’t pass a drug test for their benefits they likely won’t pass if they do get a job and must endure pre-employment screening.  Second, folks need to show that they have made efforts to apply to job on monthly basis.  I would say a person needs to have at least 4 job interviews a month to show they are trying.  Third, the person should have to attend some kind of life skills classes or sessions to help them better themselves.  They need to demonstrate some accountability or effort towards not being stuck.  Lastly, folks need to be penalized if they try to get a job and get fired purposely.  People should receive less benefits if start recycling thru system frequently which would indicate potential funny business.

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