FIRE RANT: Lebron James Protocol Violation Exception

I have to admit that I’m sick of the favoritism the NBA keeps showing Lebron James.  I was already upset with how the league stole the play-in game from the Warriors by granting the Lakers extra free throws and calling bogus moving screen calls repeatedly late in the game.  If that wasn’t enough for you, the NBA announced that Lebron violated covid protocols by attending a party mask less ahead of the play-in game.  He literally, put two teams of players and staff at risk from a selfish and foolish choice.  Despite the league suspending other players for similar infractions Lebron will get no such discipline because they deemed that he didn’t put anyone at risks.  The rationale itself is an explanation I don’t recall them using until now.  In my opinion, the NBA is again trying to keep hope the Lakers can advance in the playoffs, so they are putting fairness and credibility to the side.  It’s a shameful display of professionalism and leadership.  It’s honestly, something I would expect to see Roger Godell do.  I hope it blows up in the NBA’s face and the Lakers get taken to the watershed in the first round.

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