If I Ruled the World: DEATH to the Pandemic

Alright, so the CDC directive to drop masks for vaccinated people was sloppy.  It didn’t account for the selfishness we’ve seen from people.  It also ignored common sense.  Even the way vaccines has slowly been rolled out has been disappointing.  We probably won’t get the desired amount of folks vaccinated due to things like the mask mandate being eliminated and the “personal rights” people that feel the need to flex to protest getting.  However, there is still some things I would do if I were in charge.  Simplest of things would be to first bring the mask mandate back in general until let’s say 70% of all citizens are vaccinated or whatever herd immunity is.  Next, if the medical trials results already support it, I would open the flood gates for anyone that’s remaining to get vaccinated.  No more waiting to unveil a new age group a few months like we’re revealing hall of fame statues.  Open flood gates, come one, come all.  My kids are ready to get vaccinated but according to this slow schedule they will have to wait until anytime between September – December to get vaccinated.  Third, I would give everyone a drop-dead date for the free vaccinations.  So, let’s say the last day for non-infants to get vaccinated is 12/31/21.  After that date people would have to pay out of pocket.  Lastly, I would end the unemployment check boost.  There are a lot of people abusing that and not having to/wanting to work because it acts as a raise for them.  If people had to go to work, they be more likely to get vaccinated in my opinion especially for lot of these hourly service industry jobs. To summarize my steps if I ruled the world; I would reactivate the mask mandates for everyone, I would allow anyone to get vaccinated immediately, put hard date on when free vaccinations would stop, and I end the extra weekly unemployment check stipends to encourage people to get back to work and likely get vaccinated as result.

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