FIRE RANT: Exaggerated Grandstanding by Everyone

So, as much as folks talk about being reactive versus proactive, as world we are definitely reactive.  For example, take the Black Lives Matter initiative.  Since the George Floyd murder folks have rushed to opposite ends of the spectrum for race relations.  You got folks demanding better treatment of blacks by police and just as many people saying they back the badge, blue lives matter, etc.  Companies are all trying to publicize programming, meetings and other empty gestures for diversity without having substantial progress that really matters.  How many minorities have you hired in your last 10 posted professional positions, better yet how many did you interview?  How many HBCUs or higher ethnic populated schools have you added to your recruiting list?  Crickets!  Companies are investing in or launching black product lines but again only because its what the public thinks is sorta cool.  Folks going hard for wearing a mask or not wearing a mask partially based on political affiliation.  Folks will really allow their health to be at risk to align with a political party.  When did we get to a point as society that we are so unsure of what our personal values and beliefs are that we simply went path of least resistance by looking to the general public for guidance on what we aligned ourselves with?  We hashtag things we don’t believe, we exaggerate our stances, and flip flop as needed.  Now if you are a person that truly support Black Lives Matter or police or pick another example I didn’t name, why did it take the world to focus on these topics for you to find your voice and take action?  What were you doing before, besides sitting somewhere with a thumb up your nose?  I guess what I’m saying is if more folks had the guts to take action for what they believed in we wouldn’t need all the media and social media-based blitz campaigns to attempt to dictate the general public one way or another.  We are overcompensating with reaction due to lack of proactiveness.

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