Business 101: Continuous Growth

Today, I like to share my thoughts on continuous growth from a personal and professional standpoint.  At work you first need to focus on how you are doing at your existing role.  Master the existing way of executing the role.  After you are sure you understand how role is currently done, look for ways to improve it.  Improvement could mean small things that make the job easier or drastic changes.  Its much easier to get buy in from others to change something when you’ve demonstrated you can competently do things the way they have always been done.  Once you’ve learned the role and have improved it look for ways to volunteer for new initiatives.  Do the things others won’t even if it means you have to work harder.  In parallel to looking for initiatives start thinking about what you want to do in the future.  Express to your manager or supervisor what you want to do next so they can’t potentially help you achieve your goals.  Look for ways to gain experience in what you want to do and start doing the job.  If you are already doing the job you want to do next its easier for others to give you the official role when its available.  Lastly, look for ways to build connections with people in the roles you want.  This helps you again, network, get advocates, and start understanding the role even deeper.

Another area of life that continuous growth can and should occur is personally.  Start by finding ways to learn new information and educate yourself.  For example, you can go to a community college or regular university to start taking random classes.  Challenge yourself to read a book every few weeks or per month.  Join organizations in your community, start your own, or network with industries that are related or unrelated to what your do.  In conclusion if you want to experience continuous growth in life you must get uncomfortable.  You aren’t going to have transformative or even different life experiences if you don’t get out the comfort zone.

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