If I Ruled the World: NBA Play-In Games Permanently Implemented

Several high profiles NBA players have spoken out against the NBA play-in games.  Mainly because it forces teams to not rest and tank the last 25% or so games of the season.  The point of the play-in games for the final two NBA playoff spots to be up for grabs via a few extra games at conclusion of regular season.  As a result, teams to have less incentive to trade away players and give up their seasons because they have a longer chance to still clinch the playoffs.  Additionally, if a team had an injured player during the season, it gives them more leeway to still be in the alive in playoff race.  I liked the fact that the last few weeks of the season you didn’t know who was going to make the playoffs.  I was checking the NBA standing on daily basis and I’m not even a big basketball fan.  Nor do I have a team I personally root for anymore.  If I were the commissioner of the NBA and or had vote on the future of the play-in tournament I would keep it as a permanent fixture of the league.

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