If I Ruled the World: Cameras for Cops

With all these police incidents both race related, and non-race related I think we can benefit from more cameras being available.  One of the first things we always hear when something sketchy goes down is we don’t know what lead up to the events.  Whether it’s a crooked cop planting something crack on someone, confrontation gone wrong, or transporting perpetuator from one spot to the next I think we can use more clarity.  Is there any reason that dashboard cams shouldn’t be on all the time?  If there is something a cop doesn’t want someone to see it probably means it isn’t right.  Same goes for body cams.  Anytime an officer responds and begins to engage a situation a body cam should be on.  I would challenge that maybe you tie the body cam to their walkie talkie.  Walkie goes out unless body cam is activated.  So, it’s basically saying if you don’t want anyone to see the situation you are encountering you don’t’ want help.  Or you are trying to hide your actions so much you rather go on solo mission.  Increased use of cameras would allow us to see things from an officer’s point of view.  It would also remove the guess work on details of situations.  Because I believe we all know that every cop’s interaction isn’t negative or fatal.  Heck, I’ve had 3 times in my life I’ve been pulled over by cops and got simple warning for speed, illegal turn, or busted light.  So, cops do give folks benefit of doubt at times.  There’s also times they overreact and there’s times the perpetrator escalates things.  We rely on technology for everything else nowadays.  Let’s take the human element out of the question and stop relying on people to remember the details if situations and get 1st person POV clarity ourselves when it comes to police matters.

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