Business 101: You Pay for What You Get

Sometimes, the cheapest thing your money can buy will get you cheap results at times.  I’m going thru a situation right now where I used Fiverr to hire a programmer for development of my app.  Now don’t get me wrong, the independent programmer has done a good job for the price I paid and developed my app in ways I wouldn’t have imagined when I first started.  However, when I look at some of the add on feature costs and the timeliness of the delivery there are some opportunities.  I say opportunities because I’m still waiting to close the project out so I can move on.  When you use a one-man band the service likely isn’t their full-time job and if it is they probably our swamped.  Therefore, when you look at costs of service and even product think about the entire costs cycle.  If this just a short term or on time transaction?  Is this person going to be servicing me long term, can they meet my needs long term?  Can they keep up with what I need from speed standpoint?  Cheapest or budget friendly decisions don’t always align with short term, long term, expert skillset, and speed.  You’ve been officially warned and please pray for me to this app development wrapped up so I can start making money!

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