If I Ruled the World – Make Juneteenth National Holiday

So, there’s been a big push to make Juneteenth a holiday over the past year and it finally is one.  However, I must admit it’s a little hollow for me.  Juneteenth has been made a federal holiday meaning the only entities that really have to honor it is banks, government employees, and usually schools.  Anything else is up to the states to decide.  Meaning regular companies can go on as business as usual which takes away the punch of the day being relevant.  As a kid growing up, I used to obviously observe MLK Jr. Day every year as I was a student.  Well, when I got in the work force, I thought it mattered at work too and didn’t show up.  Will when I returned Tuesday, I realized that the company didn’t observe the day.  Luckily, I was an intern, and no one noticed I wasn’t there on Monday.  However, that was an odd experience I’ll never forget.  If I ruled the world and decided Juneteenth should be made a holiday, I would make it a national one.  If you are going to commit to the action, do it!

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