FIRE RANT: Tulsa Outrage

Today, I like to speak about the Tulsa Massacre that happened in May 31 – June 1st in 1921 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The blacks had kind of their own mini-Atlanta or black neighborhood where professionals of all kinds thrived.  Therefore, many folks called the area Black Wall Street.  Some kind of race altercation occurred that resulted in majority of the neighborhood being burned down and many black Americans being killed.  The city never recovered and was restored to its previous levels of property value and success. Like many things in America’s history that aren’t flattering the incident was buried.  There wasn’t even a common decency to get an accurate account of how many lives were lost.  I really hadn’t heard of the Tulsa Massacre until summer 2020.  My dad said the same thing.  This incident angers me on multiple fronts.  First off, I get times were different and race relations are constantly evolving so blacks and whites had their own territory.  Blacks were thriving and minding their business and whatever altercation or incident that occurred between a few people led to burning down a whole community and killing countless souls?  It’s a gross overreaction filled with envy, evil, and any other word you can think of.  Second, the lack of honesty about the massacre, burying its occurrence, and poor effort to restore what was loss is disappointing.  Especially, when we know in present day things still aren’t the same for blacks in that community.  Third, the fact that there are other incidents like that, that happened in this country that have been covered up is frightening.  Some folks don’t want blacks in their community and want them isolated but we have examples of this set in the past where when that was created it was destroyed.  What hurts is that there aren’t many representations of that kind of black thriving community in the country outside again of like Atlanta.  Everywhere else blacks are thriving while mixed in with rest of country.  Don’t get me wrong, I personally don’t have a desire to only succeed around only those that look like me.  I rather succeed when everyone is a competitor against me.  However, you must wonder what kind of positive generational wealth in the form of businesses, property, careers, and education would the black community have in presence day if the Tulsa Massacre type events didn’t occur?

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